Blood Moon Oil


I know that mamas aren’t supposed to have favorites, but luckily these are herb crafts and not babies, so I can. And this right here is probably my favorite product currently in the shop (please don’t tell the Lugh Oil). Lilith and I have even been told that our voices change when we start talking to customers about this item!

The Blood Moon anointing oil was crafted during an incredibly powerful lunar and astrological convergence. This is a heat infused oil, meaning that the oil (sunflower in this case) was infused with herbs, fruits, and resins overnight at a very low heat. It also happened to be an occasion when the coven circled overnight, so we literally slept with this one in the kitchen beside us. It was Imbolc Eve (January 31st), signaling the last night of full winter, as Imbolc marks the beginning of the “pre-spring” gestational period, when the earth awakens from her long winter slumber. It’s also the last night when An Cailleach Bhéara reigns. She is the crone goddess of Celtic understanding (the “blue hag”), ruling the dark half of the year, from Samhain to Imbolc, then yielding to her solar counterpart, Brighid. Even before the mythology of the Tuatha Dé Danann, these two goddesses were seen as counterparts, two faces of the same primordial earth deity. It was also a full moon, super moon, blood moon in total eclipse. Yup.

All this is to say that the oil was infused at the moment of transition, the pause between winter and spring, the liminal space of a dark - and full - moon.

There are so many pungent and powerful ingredients in this oil, but the one you will detect most strongly in the aroma is elderberry. Elder is one of my favorite plants to work with. She has long been associated with witchcraft, probably due to association with death and regeneration. Elder also represents the thirteenth month of the Celtic calendar, and the first month ruled by the Cailleach. Her berries are ritually harvested at Samhain, the Celtic festival of the dead, and the late harvest fruits are considered the last gift of the goddess before the winter. And yet despite these somewhat foreboding associations, she is also a great healer. You probably even use elderberry syrup as a cure for winter coughs and colds. This oil is rich with fruits and resins, including hawthorn berry for its connection to the fairy realm, pomegranate peel for it’s association with Persephone’s deep dive into the underworld, Balm of Gilead for consecration and spirit connection, dragon’s blood, and sandalwood. This oil also contains several emmenagogues (to stimulate the uterus and bring on menses), such as staghorn sumac and motherwort, so we do not recommend it for pregnant women.

The result is a pungent, sticky, and - dare I say - menstrual oil that is a powerful aid in shadow work, journeying or hedge crossing. This oil will help to connect you with primal, sovereign, dark goddess energy, as well as crossroads and gatekeeper spirits. Suitable for work with Kali, An Cailleach, the Morrígan, the Queen of Elphame, Hecate, Persephone, Isis and more. I love anointing myself with this for journey work and during my lunar cycle. It can be used to dress spell candles, medicine pouches, ritual tools, and even in the bath.


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Alison Blair