Lugh Oil


A 180 degree turn from the dark, earthy energy of our Blood Moon Oil. But I promise you that this is one you will want to slather on everything.

Our Lugh Anointing Oil is a solar infusion of ten different herbs and fruits to bring you luck, creativity, manifestation, prosperity, and confidence. All the gifts of the sun in a bottle! You’ll notice the fragrance of orange and bay leaf, but it also contains clove and ginger to heat up your working, as well as basil and mint to attract success. It also contains a small amount of patchouli, so as with all of our anointing oils, it is absolutely not to be ingested.

The oil was infused over a full lunar cycle in Aquarius season, so use it liberally to increase creativity and open up any blockages in your flow of ideas. This is fantastic for writer’s block, job interviews, public speaking, and money magic.


This anointing oil was crafted, infused, and consecrated in devotion to the god Lugh (pronounced “loo”), so an offering of corn, blackberries, or whiskey certainly wouldn’t be amiss, should you find success with it. Lugh is a Celtic solar deity who we honor at the harvest festival of Lughnasa (in Wiccan and British tradition this is celebrated as Lammas). Not to get too heavy into the geneology, but Lugh was born of both the Tuatha Dé Dannan and the Fomorians, but spirited away and fostered by the Tailtiu, queen of the Fir Bolg. To me, this speaks to Lugh’s power as a connector, a communicator, and a unifier against great odds. My favorite story of Lugh is about when, after he had grown, he went to gain access to the court of the Tuatha at the Hall of Tara. He was told that he would have to be an expert in some skill to gain entry. He said that he was an expert smith, wright, craftsman, swordsman, harpist, bard, historian, magician, physician, but he was told that they already had one of each of those. Before they could turn him away, he asked if they had anyone at court who was an expert in all of the aforementioned skills, and they had to concede that they did not and allowed him rightful entry. Hence Lugh’s status as the god of every skill (literally master of all, jack of none) and of all craftspeople, but you can see how he is also noted for his quick wit, his confidence, and his power to convince people. What better god to have on your side?


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Alison Blair