Eat Your Greens

photo credit:  Nate Steiner  |  CC by 2.0

photo credit: Nate Steiner | CC by 2.0

Summer has come on quickly here in New York. Today’s heat was unusually dry and sunny for our neck of the eastern seaboard. Brutal. So when the sun went down and my appetite finally decided to make an appearance, cooling foods were all I could think of eating - which naturally meant, salad. Now, I’m a creamy dressing girl (get your mind out of the gutter), and with a mostly empty refrigerator but a fresh bunch of summer basil, I finally decided to try my hand at a chef friend’s green goddess dressing. She always insists - with the nonchalance of someone who knows how to bone a duck and decant a bottle of wine for guests without missing a beat - that it’s just greek yogurt, whatever fresh herbs you have, olive oil, salt and pepper. 

So as I watched the vibrant leaves give way to a verdant cream, I got to thinking about herbs and magic. Specifically, about how we generally accept that there are certain ways to interact with herbs that are magical - anointing oils, tinctures, incense - and other methods are just mundane. But as a kitchen witch who is constantly looking for ways to incorporate more ordinary magic in my every day life, I couldn’t help but look at what was brewing in my blender - and going on my plate - as a magical opportunity.

The sun is bright and temperatures are climbing as we tilt toward Midsummer, and basil is a staple of prosperity spellwork. What better moment to harness the peaking solar energies with a little prosperity magic? I added a touch of local honey to sweeten the pot. And with a prayer of gratitude and a spoken intention for this meal to invoke richness and luck in my life with every bite, I have a spontaneous magical working that I can repeat three times a day! 

It is so easy to get hung up on the “right” way of doing magic, living in this time when witchcraft is trending and infinite paths are on offer. I sometimes have to remind myself that there is no wrong way to be in communication with the spirit of the plants, animals, and elements of my landbase. I don’t even have to ingest them to benefit from their healing powers. Sitting with my plants, talking to them, hedge crossing while sat against a tree trunk, rather than at my altar, skin brushing, dream pillows, baths... the dance is infinite. And since I have to consume my land base every day to fuel my life force, why not infuse that consummation with intention? Why not make magic?

So the next time you’re putting together your salad or smoothie, or even choosing which meat to throw on this grill - can you find a way to choose wisely? Can you make a meal a spell?


Alison Blair