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anointing oils

Handmade and handblessed, our anointing oils are carefully crafted at specific points in the lunar cycle as well as the Wheel of the Year for maximum potency in your magical practice.


Specifically blended for many different energetic needs and uses, our herbal blends are a wonderful addition to your magical toolkit and are perfect for smoking, steeping, and smudging. 


For ritual cleansing and use during the moon cycle (both yours and hers!), our bath blends are a wonderful way to consecrate your mind, body, and spirit.

I have found myself repeatedly voicing thanks for the love, care, power and intention these anointing oils have been crafted with. They have become invaluable tools for growing and deepening my practice. As I continue on my path, I canโ€™t foresee a time when these wonโ€™t be an integral part of both my life and my ritual work.
— Lauren . Brooklyn, NY
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